All students are entitled to a high-quality early education program in a safe and nurturing environment, characterized by high levels of positive adult-child interactions to ensure the social and academic success of every child who attends our program.


Our philosophy is to provide an academically challenging curriculum through developmentally appropriate practices for young children. By supporting children to understand themselves as active learners and to gain collaborative skills through working with peers, we develop critical thinkers who are intellectually curious and socially responsible.

Mission : To promote the development of the whole child by:

  • Developing a positive and healthy self-image through understanding and respecting individual differences.
  • Promoting curiosity and interests in their world to enjoy the process of learning.
  • Helping the child master effective communication skills through an open environment that encourages self-expression and group discussion.
  • Establish sanitary health habits.
  • Fostering the unique creativity in each child by actively encouraging various forms of creativity.
  • Facilitating learning about the world through science experiments, literature, field trips and hands-on projects.

MunchKIDS Preschool Program will focus on a STEAM-based curriculum. “STEAM is an
an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and
Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.”

Teachers will plan lessons based on themes and incorporate the STEAM curriculum to teach that
lesson. Students will focus on sight words and phonics as well. The classroom will consist of
various centers where students will play and learn.